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6 week transformation Challenge
Shed a stone


When can I start?
Our challenges start every 3 weeks so be quick to get in touch to find out how soon you can start.

Is the SHED A STONE challenge right for me?
Absolutely, if you're looking to make a change and you have no idea where to start then you're in the right place.

Am I fit enough?
You don’t have to be perfect to start, but you have to start, to be perfect. All of our classes are designed to challenge you to do the best you can, you do you!

I don’t like gyms, they’re full of ‘…’ (Posers, young fit people, bodybuilders etc)
Not here, we don’t have any mirrors in the gym, we’re a welcoming community gym where everyone is friendly and helpful. Everyone will be concentrating on themselves but it’s not uncommon for someone to give you a helping hand if they think you might need it.

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Where is Lean Rossendale?
We are located at in Rawtenstall, for quick directions check out our Contact us Page.

What do I have to do?
First you’ll attend an onboarding meeting where we welcome you and everyone else on the same challenge. We’ll talk you through the challenge and we’ll take you through your first Results Clinic appointment. You’ll have a chance to see the facility and ask any questions that might be on your mind.
During the challenge you’ll need to: 
- Book a minimum of 3 classes a week, what you attend is up to you, although we do advise trying each class at least once.
- Complete a weekly food diary
- Complete your weekly check in
- Have your measurements taken

How is this different from everything else I've already tried?
This isn’t just another E-Book to follow on how to lose weight by extreme X,Y,Z. We’re going to educate you on how to change your lifestyle and make sure it doesn't end up on your list of things you've already tried.

When can I sign up?
RIGHT NOW. Do NOT wait. Do it for yourself now. Otherwise, next time becomes never.

What classes can I attend?
We have 31 classes to choose from throughout the week, so even if you work shifts we will have a time that will fit in around you. Each day offers something different, no two days, classes, coaches, members are the same. Cardio, Weights, Boxing, Strength, Yoga, Circuits, HIIT, Social Sweats, something for everyone. We even have kids & family classes!

How many calories do I need to eat?
We don’t count calories here. We have a much simpler, time friendly solution. This will become clear during your onboarding process.

How will my progress be measured?
We cover all bases to make sure we’re doing all we can! We record body composition (weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage & mass and visceral fat). You’ll take a before and after picture to see your physical changes from your hard work.

I have pre existing conditions; injuries, disabilities or illness, can I still join the challenge?
Make us aware of your concerns and we’ll do our best to tailor a service so you can get the results you want. As long as it's safe to do so.


A:  Unit 5, Brookside Business Park, Rawtenstall, BB4 8HH

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Thank you for your enquiry, we'll be in touch soon. In the meantime please feel free to pop into the club and have a look around, meet the team & get a sense of our community!